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ADHD impacted in a neurotypical world… Welcome on in. Here you will find support, inspiration and insights for moving forward as an individual with ADHD or impacted by ADHD in your family. From pre-diagnosis contemplation, through diagnosis, recontextualising life and way beyond.   From how to approach your ADHD at work, dealing with strong emotions your own or childrens; working through general life issues through the all-important ADHD lens which is essential to understand for moving forward in life the way you would like to.

It’s time to upgrade our minds & bodies; increasing productivity & resilience, decreasing stress, emotional baggage and mental clutter. ADHD coaching is a most valuable support for moving forward in life with ADHD.


Everyone procrastinates but why is it harder for those of us with ADHD - the neuroscience of procrastination & understanding ADHD motivation

The superpower of mindfulness for adhd - emotionally & physiologically

How the outcome of mindfulness as a way of being rather than a thing you do, is even more impactful for us with ADHD; nervous system regulation, cognitive hyperactivity management, self acceptance & understanding of emotions.

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