Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria – Understanding & Development TAS

There aren’t many people in the ADHD community unfamiliar with the painful and seemingly inescapable experiences that come with this rejection sensitivity trait. 

In this RSD workshop, Jen presents a compelling deeper understanding to the potential origins of RSD, and practical steps for shrinking this hampering trait in life changing ways. For those wishing to empower themselves to have a very different relationship with their rejection sensitivity, this workshop is for you! 

In this engaging session, we learn from several experts in neuroscience how the body and brain create a nervous system that can act in ways detrimental to living a life of flourishing, especially for those with ADHD, and the dissonance that comes with logically knowing there isn’t a need for the emotionally painful experiences yet being unable to create a different response and separate from the emotion in the moment. 

Importantly, we delve into the ADHD system and both internal and external factors that create the perfect breeding ground for RSD to be cultivated within our sensitive systems. 

Jen shares a part of her own RSD journey and the non-negotiable keys that led her from unconsciously limiting herself, to flourishing, integrating, and liberating herself from RSD; we explore strong themes in what is underneath the RSD for her clients as we embark on insights through the lens of neuroscience and ADHD. Jen offers a clear and achievable path for experiencing life with greater ease and congruence, flowing in with our ADHD systems instead of opposing them. The workshop content includes: 

  • Differences in the ADHD system regarding RSD cultivation, including the overlap of trauma.
  • The huge link between people pleasing, perfectionism and RSD.
  • What now? Long term development work to create decreasing RSD and increasing self-authenticity. 

Jen’s background as a trauma informed ADHD coach, and a mindfulness-based stress reduction teacher work in a unique way that enables meaningful progress work with RSD. You will leave this workshop with your toolbox and skillset upgraded in ways you can relate to on an individual level, to live an upgraded way of life with ADHD. This modern always on world can be very challenging for most, more so for those with ADHD systems that are rarely at rest.

Client Testimonials

Our clients love us, here are a few of their quotes.

An ADHD woman in a neurotypical world… In this modern world our nervous system & attention is constantly under threat of over stimulation and significantly more so for women living with or impacted by ADHD; are prioritisation and boundaries an issue for you? Do you want to become a more connected parent or connect to what is meaningful in this life to you?  

It’s time to upgrade our most precious assets, our minds & bodies; increasing productivity & resilience, while decreasing stress, emotional baggage and mental clutter.

Unlimit Yourself Today.   

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