ADHD Coaching is a highly specialised skillset with an expert in-depth understanding of ADHD brain wiring and life coaching skills, combining this expertise to facilitate growth and change in a way that complements our different ways of flourishing in this modern world. Around 80% of people with ADHD believe that their brain wiring has held them back from pursuing their dreams or achieving their desires according to ADDA. It doesn’t have to be this way – understanding and having a fresh new perspective of leveraging our strengths is life-changing. 

With an essential and deep understanding of how ADHD brains are wired, an ADHD coach is able to support their clients through this particular lens and with consideration to the multiple various traits that may show up with ADHD impacted clients. An ADHD coach partners with you, helping you understand hindrances that are getting in the way of who you want to be; we often explore what is underneath the external presentations in order to create sustainable internal shifts.  We are also able to educate clients at the point of need, weaving in various models, opening clients to different perspectives and helping them see their strengths and apply them in new areas.

If you are willing to put in the effort and explore, reflect and question yourself - 100%. ADHD Coaching is becoming one of the most in demand support areas for ADHD for good reason. Most people with ADHD have had to focus on the challenges for too long; with specific ADHD coaching we leverage the amazing strengths and also examine the challenges with deep exploration into why these occur and move forward where external band aids in the past just have not worked.

I do not currently coach kids.  What I know is that the evidence (and life experience) supports parent coaching as one of the most powerful support systems for children with ADHD.  To empower the parent to create an environment where their child can not only feel safe, supported and trusted, but also flourish is absolute gold for the ADHD child.  I specialise in coaching parents to adapt their style and outlook in order to best support their child(ren).

Yes. I am qualified through
ADDCA (ADD Coach Training Academy) in New York. 
ADDCA is the first and largest comprehensive ADHD Coach
Training Program fully accredited by the ICF and PAAC (the
Professional Association of ADHD Coaches). ADDCA qualification requirements are
7 months of rigorous specialist ADHD training at a minimum, both in ADHD
expertise and coaching, including many expert models. My certification is at Advanced level ADHD coaching. You will also find me on
the directory of ADHD Coaches Australasia, approved by AADPA – the Australian
ADHD Professionals Association. AADPA are responsible for the 2022 landmark new
clinical ADHD guidelines that set the benchmark in Australia for ADHD diagnosis
and treatment. 

Yes and this will likely naturally happen throughout our coaching partnership as various challenges come up; our lives are not separate - one of the most meaningful things to come out of coaching is that we find ourselves learning, growing, changing and that translates through our mindset, work, parenting, life. So it makes sense that the coaching type may well cross over from session to session depending on the hot topics for you. 

Other modalities such as counsellors and psychologists are more heavily focused on past and exploring past issues or traumas. Coaches are more focussed on present and future, always forward moving and solutions orientated. There is though overlap in that all modalities explore beliefs that may be getting in the way of living to your fullest

Yes, happy to and if you feel this would provide benefit we can discuss ways this might work

If the coaching is in conjunction with goals of stress reduction or
organisational / business goals (especially as a business owner) it may well be
a tax-deductible expense, always check with your accountant and I will be happy
to discuss what this might look like for you.

Yes. If the objectives are combined with coaching for working effectively around workplace barriers, there is a government funding initiative of up to $1530 per year. I can guide you through this fairly straightforward process.

Jen Lewis
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