Insights into Upskilling Minds
and Bodies in This One Life

A space where people with ADHD can find information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for growth & becoming more congruent in their personal and professional lives. No bias or agenda; just pure science backed exploration into the multiple facets of our fascinating world. 

Please note this space is under construction.

Mind and Body Connection

The Mind Body Connection

And so my true experience of the Mind Body connection started in 2016.  Diagnosed with “an auto immune disease of some sort” (which after …

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People on the beach

My Mindfulness Experiment

I started this journey at a time when I had an amazing coach, who introduced me to mindfulness. Always wanting that …

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Waterfall Sunset

Who Doesn’t Love The Microsoft Windows Lock Screen Images, But Why Are They Good For Us?

Even the hardened cynics amongst us seem to be momentarily captivated by the lock screen image that pops up on their PC’s at log …

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