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friends talking

Healthy Boundaries – Time Space and Energy

How to be a better colleague, boss, partner, parent, child, friend to both self and others. Boundaries are a huge hidden …

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people kayaking

Growth Mindset for Success

What if your success in life both personally and professionally depended almost entirely on your own view of yourself?  In this session we look out how …

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A person using their phone

The Attention Economy– Focus & Performance

Multi-tasking… Remember when we used to think multi-tasking was a good thing? That it made us more efficient?  This valuable workshop dives …

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flexibility of mind

Unconscious Bias & Creating Flexibility of Mind

Bias is a natural, involuntary part of being human. We are products of our upbringing, experiences, genes, and even our malleable state of …

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an office

Introduction To Mindfulness

That greatly misunderstood and sometimes stigmatised word.   The word mindfulness could easily be interchanged with “Attention”.  But what it is all about when …

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Investigating Stress to Build Resilience

A common misnomer is that stress happens to people and that we are not in control of that – what if …

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