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Coaching is a collaborative partnership that is focused on moving you forward in life.  While Executive coaching leans more toward how you show up at work, strategic thinking, and progressing your development, ADHD coaching is particularly valuable in helping you identify and leverage your unique traits and developing your growth from this perspective.

With ADHD coaching we also explore exec functioning challenges that may get in the way of what you want to achieve, and determine a different and stronger path to get to where you want to be.  Additionally, by increasing awareness of your individual neurobiology (because physiological makeup & emotional and nervous system regulation is also an important core element of ADHD impact), we tailor strategies & sustainable progress where in the past external band-aids alone may not have worked.

As a qualified Life and Executive Coach, you can coach successfully the majority of the population, adding the ADHD lens with ADHD clients enables a uniquely high degree of skill and understanding in both types of brain wiring.

Specialised ADHD & Life Coaching Focus Areas Include:

  • Strategies to Get to Know & Own Your Unique Brain Wiring
  • Leveraging Your Individual Strengths to Achieve Previously Unforeseen Objectives
  • Emotional Intelligence Growth
  • Moving out of the Granular to Explore the Bigger Picture & Make Sustainable Changes
  • Stress Reduction
  • Increased Focus & Clarity
  • Using the Neuroscience of Procrastination & Your Individual Make-Up to Accelerate Task Initiation
  • Move Closer to Congruence & Align Your to Your Core Values
  • Stop Living in the Should’s, Start Living in the “Aspire To’s”
  • Learn to Harness the Cognitive Hyperactivity for the Positive

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