ADHD Self Development Program

LAB 6 Week Immersive Program – Liberating the ADHD Brain

If you’d like these new few months to be the ones where you decide to shift your internal system from ADHD overwhelm and overthinking, to one where we control the narrative, you’ve found your solution right here.

This is an immersive program taking place over 6 weeks in a small online community of like-minded people, ready to learn about themselves, and how their own unique internal systems work to increase emotional and nervous system regulation, as well as decrease mental clutter and stress. One of the most productive things we have control over is teaching ourselves skills to understand and appropriately process thoughts and emotions to live in this world more effectively for ourselves.

We have long known that DESR (deficient emotional self-regulation) and subsequently managing our nervous systems is more of a challenge for ADHD. Russell Barkley accurately describes it as the “overlooked symptom that impacts everything”.  As a human, living in this modern world is challenging enough, but as people uniquely impacted by ADHD, this is made all the more challenging by the constant cognitive hyperactivity and the accompanying nervous system regulation challenges.

The format is packed full of psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience and ADHD expertise, with a deep understanding how stress and emotions work; an interactive and engaging program that will stay with you forever.  Themes build on each other weekly, with deep opportunities to learn about our own thoughts, behaviors, and actions through daily experiential practice utilising mindfulness in its most pure clinical form. This is one the most transformative tools we have available as a skill to develop more skillful responding rather than reacting impulsively. Additude mag describes it as being a skill in which we can start to regulate and manage our own ADHD cognitive hyperactivity and our all-important nervous systems.


  • Module 1 – Understanding the neuroscience of mindfulness as the vehicle to upgraded prefrontal cortex (exec function) connections
  • Module 2 – Emotional regulation and the impact for ADHD
  • Module 3 – Investigating Stress – mastering processing strong emotion in healthy ways
  • Module 4 – Focus & Productivity – the multi-tasking myth, the ADHD brain’s attentional phases, and strategies for choice of attention redirection
  • Module 5 – Mindset. The effect of neuroplasticity on attitudes – the keys to change
  • Module 6 – Future Proofing our ADHD Wiring – reflections and future sustainability

Program includes:

  • 6 x 90 minutes classes and group coaching
  • 1 x one-to-one 45-minute personal coaching session between weeks 3-6
  • Daily practice recordings to keep you on track and supported through the program, this is where the magic happens!
  • Access to email and phone support throughout the program
  • Access to group support with your fellow participants through the 6 weeks on the online platform

Jen is a credentialled ADHD coach, MBSR teacher (the gold standard in clinical mindfulness for stress reduction) and delivers an outstanding & compelling approach to empowering people with skills to flourish in their lives. letting go of mental clutter and stress.

Recent feedback from the ADHD Australia speaker talk on the impact of mindfulness through and ADHD & neuroscience lens

“I think it’s wonderful that you are promoting a holistic approach, this is what I’m all about. Meditation, mindfulness, self-love and self-acceptance etc. I know a lot about this topic and thought Jen talked very well!!”

“Liked the scientific data approach. Understanding how helps with the why we should try mindfulness.”

“I really enjoyed tonight’s talk. Jen was engaging, informative and very knowledgeable.” 

“Jen and Vivian were great hosts. There was plenty of information to take away that I will be using in my practise with the young people I work with. The visuals were very helpful especially the life cycle emotion one”

“AMAZING!!!! So relevant & useful!!!!”

“It was good and I like Jen connects her own experience with her knowledgeable in ADHD”

“Valuable information and great session”

“Very engaging, professional and informative. I thought the slides were excellent.”



Delivery mode is online over zoom in a small interactive group dynamic, face to face if the location is suitable.


This program is run over 35 days, with one 90-minute interactive online workshop per week.

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