Life by Design – Workshop 5 Mastering Your Mindset

This year Kate Anderson, an experienced bodywork practitioner, and I partnered to come together and support our local community with our unique blend of expertise – neuroscience and body-mind connection content along with practical concepts and techniques in order to reduce stress and overwhelm, declutter unhelpful perceptions and upgrade mindsets to really flourish in this kooky era we are living in. Recognising that this is the biggest impact we can create in a giveback effort to support our world at large, our Life by Design workshops have had immense feedback from our fast-growing audience. Come join us for our last workshop of 2022, aptly focussed on the benefits of a positive mindset and attitude, not only for happiness and living the life you want, but also for longevity and physical health!

Client Testimonials

Our clients love us, here are a few of their quotes.

An ADHD woman in a neurotypical world… In this modern world our nervous system & attention is constantly under threat of over stimulation and significantly more so for women living with or impacted by ADHD; are prioritisation and boundaries an issue for you? Do you want to become a more connected parent or connect to what is meaningful in this life to you?  

It’s time to upgrade our most precious assets, our minds & bodies; increasing productivity & resilience, while decreasing stress, emotional baggage and mental clutter.

Unlimit Yourself Today.   

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