ADHD in the Workplace, a Workshop for Employers


The D&I Solution - Understanding Neurodiversity in the Workplace

What is ADHD?

  • “Disorder” Explained
  • The paradox of strengths and challenges
  • Neurochemical differences of ADHD Situational Variability
  • Masking in the workplace
  • Can’t Versus Won’t
  • Emotional Regulation and RSD as core components
  • The Convergent Mind (Neurotypical) and the Divergent Mind (ADHD)
  • The ADHD Nervous System
  • Cognitive Hyperactivity / Physical Hyperactivity
  • Why you won’t recognise ADHD in around 70% of those Impacted
  • Co-morbid Conditions to ADHD – a closer look at the prevalence and types of co-morbidity that often present alongside ADHD and how they may affect your employees in regard to:
    • Work Safety
    • Burnout

Support Strategies Helping Employees and Organisations Thrive

What Does Acknowledging ADHD in the workplace mean for my organisation?

  • Workplace signs, education is competence
  • What to do if you think an employee may have ADHD
  • What to do if an employee tells you they have ADHD

Moving toward ADHD as a competitive advantage in diversity; helping employees succeed with innovative approaches:

  • Providing Accommodations
  • Strength based psychology approaches
  • ADHD Coaching

When organisations move toward viewing neurodiversity through the lens of constructive wellbeing and strategic business sense, everyone flourishes. In the right conditions. With a strength-based approach, it is not just fulfilling a duty of care – both the employer and the employee win.